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Dogs and bikes always seem to go together somehow. I'm always seeing pics of bikes and dogs on FB and it inevitably brings a smile to my hound dog face.
They do have one definite thing in common and that's they are both Man's, or in this case Ape's best friend. In fact Noodles is more than that, he's part of our Two Wheeled Ape family. The amazing thing is Noodles our Jack Russell loves bikes so much he started riding when he was only 6 months old (on the back of my bike of course).

We had a great times tearing it up around the Peak District, feeling the wind in our nostrils and our tongues hanging out. We'd often stop at the famous Cat and Fiddle pub on the way back for a cuppa and a dog snack.
Riding is in his blood and he's the dog's danglies when it comes to sniffing out awesome new T-shirt designs for us. He's our 'go to dog' for all things APE including customer liaison, as you may well know if you've met him at one of the bike shows. He's always happy to see you and, like the Terminator, he never ever ever stops wagging, liking, jumping around and generally causing chaos. Our customers love him just as much as we do, so you might even say he's a bit of a legend (and he's only three). He's often the one whose name is remembered above everyone else's and people always ask "where's Noodles?" He's even had mentions in our customer reviews!
So next time you see our pop-up store at a show, come and say hi to the little fella. He'd love to meet you, and if you're lucky you'll get a great big snog (from him not me).


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